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abi>> Magazines and Special Issues

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abi>> Magazines and Special Issues

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On the 28 to 36 pages of the abi>> Magazine that is issued six times a year, readers find selected articles on subjects ranging from vocational training to studies and professions.

The abi>> Magazine provides concise information and can be leafed through or kept as a reference for searches targeted at more in-depth news in the abi>> Portal. In boxes next to the articles readers can learn where to find the respective topics online. The key theme of each Magazine is also covered in detail on the Internet under Topic of the Week.

abi extra>>: the Special Issues

In addition to the regular abi>> Magazine editions, customized Special Issues that deal with specific topics and address specific target groups such as young women or students beginning university, are published. Depending on the target group, the Special Issues are released in spring or autumn.

The following abi extra>> Special Issues are available:

abi extra>> Studies

Despite the economic crisis, studying at university still pays off. The Special Issue abi extra>> Studies helps high school graduates decide what field to study, which is especially important in times of double graduate generations. It also offers factual explanations to disperse fears as well as practical tips for a successful university experience.

abi extra>> Special Vocational Training

Not every high school graduate wants to go to university. A good alternative is special vocational training; high school graduates can apply for this training or for dual studies to gain initial practical experience. The abi extra >> Special Vocational Training explains these studies, their backgrounds and their differences.

abi extra>> Female

Job prospects in the natural-sciences and technical fields are extremely good. However, only a few young women choose to go in these directions. abi extra>> Female introduces MINT (= Math, Informatics, Natural sciences, Technology) to female high school graduates and supports them in their decisions to enter these professions.

abi extra>> Parents

The cover of the current special issue parents.  

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University or vocational training? Student housing or “Hotel Mom”? Which university? Many high school graduates have to deal with these and other questions. The abi extra>> Parents supports parents in their role as consultants; among other valuable advice, it explains the effects of double graduation generations and gives tips on insurance and funding.



 abi extra>> Bachelor

As part of the “Bologna Reform,” almost all study programs were converted to Bachelor and Master, which led to a number of changes with regard to studying. The abi extra>> Bachelor particularly addresses students entering university and helps them enjoy their first undergraduate months by providing useful tips and encouraging background information.

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